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Benefits of Visiting Dr. Freeman Twice a Year

One of the most important things you can do to protect your oral health is to visit your dentist at least twice a year — especially if you are someone who only takes their oral health seriously in the days or weeks leading up to your checkup.  But why is it so important to visit your family dentist two times a year? Simply put, Dr. Louis Freeman and his team are key to preventing diseases, cleaning teeth and providing proper education.

By visiting Dr. Freeman twice a year, you can experience a variety of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why visiting the dentist at least twice a year is so important.


The best reason to visit Dr. Louis Freeman and his experienced team is so they can pinpoint problem areas before they become a serious concern. During your dental visits, Dr. Freeman will typically take x-rays to see whether permanent teeth are coming in properly or whether wisdom teeth will need to come out. Without visiting your dentist, you won’t know if this is the case. When you feel pain, you want to visit the dentist right away, but by maintaining regular visits, you can avoid that pain.

Healthy, Clean Teeth

Do you brush and floss twice a day? If you do brush and floss, you might be wondering what’s the point of visiting the dentist twice a year then? Well, while at-home care is vital in maintaining a healthy smile, your dentist utilizes special tools designed to get into the hard-to-reach spots. Dr. Freeman will also check the health of your gums to make sure that gum disease isn’t lurking around the corner. In other words, visiting Louis I. Freeman DDS in SkokieIL will help you receive good, professional teeth cleaning your teeth really need to remain healthy and strong.


If you are brushing, flossing and eating a tooth-friendly diet, then that’s great! However, it is also important to live the lifestyle that makes you happy and healthy. Your family dentist is available to provide you with all the information you need to make sure that when you’re not in the dentist’s chair, you know what to do to maintain a healthy smile.

Dr. Freeman can also provide you with proper guidance for choosing the right dental procedure. For example, if you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, what teeth whitening option would work best for you? Or, if you are missing a tooth, should you choose a bridge, dental implants or something else? These are all important pieces that your dentist can help with.

Well, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with Louis I. Freeman DDS in Skokie today to take the next steps toward a healthy, happy smile. Call (847) 675-7040 or click here to schedule an appointment online. 

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