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National Chocolate Chip Day- Remember your Teeth while Devouring those Sweets!

May 15th was national chocolate chip day! And we all know what day that is. Yes, it’s the day when Star Wars was released or the root beer was invented, but all chocolate lovers throughout the world know that it is the one day of the year that celebrates our favorite sweet, Chocolate Chips! Because what would any chocolate cake be without chocolate chips? Or any chocolate recipe for that matter. Imagine the horror of eating those cookies without chocolate chips! Life can be so incomplete without these little things to make it whole.

There is nothing in the world to prevent us chocolate lovers from enjoying sweets on this day dedicated to the celebration of scrumptious sweets. Well…except for one thing: the fear of harming our teeth, the same fear that has prevented us from satisfying our sweet tooth ever since we were kids. For while it has been proven a myth that sugar directly causes cavities, it does side with bacteria to create enamel demineralizing acids that can destroy your teeth’s first line of defense against plaques and thus, helps foster cavities. We believe that this special day should be celebrated guilt –free and for that, here are the dentist recommended top 3 ways to enjoy all sugary delights without the fear of ruining your smile:

Rinse thoroughly after every sugary Indulgence:

This is the easiest and one of the best ways to ensure that nothing that is harmful is left on your teeth after you are done eating. Just fill your mouth with water, swish it around for thirty seconds and then spit it out. The process will remove all of the sugary debris from your mouth. For some of those extra persistent sticky bits, combine rinsing with flossing to make sure that none of that harmful sugar is left in your mouth once you have finished savoring those sugary delights. Be sure to wait for thirty minutes before brushing your mouth though, because scrubbing an already weakened enamel can wear it out further. You can, however, use fluoride-containing mouthwashes to restore the fluoride content of your teeth. Or you can pay us a visit for fluoride treatments and sealants.

Chew on some Sugar-Free Gums:

Chewing, whether its fruits, vegetables or gums, helps generate saliva which neutralizes the acids in the mouth, thereby preventing tooth decay. Sugarless or sugar-free gums might not sound tempting to candy lovers. They are, however, quite sweet. Sweetened by non-cavity causing sweeteners like sorbitol and mannitol, they prevent cavities by increasing the production of saliva which in turn contains calcium and phosphate that strengthens the enamel. Gums sweetened with xylitol especially contain minerals that not only prevent enamel erosion, but in some cases can even reverse tooth decay itself by supplementing the teeth with minerals. Plus, it saves us from bad breath which we all know is another reason why we hesitate before eating chocolates. Be sure, however, to check for an ADA (American Dental Association) seal before buying any sugar-free gum to ensure that it actually works.

Use a Mouth Rinse:

Make sure that the mouth rinse you use has elevated PH levels. Because while the sugar in those delicious chocolate chip muffins is not acidic in itself, it does promote the growth of bacteria that produces acid in your mouth. Acids can cause enamel erosion, working their way to your dentin, the layer behind enamel, resulting in sensitivity and pain. An acidic environment is a playground for bacteria, encouraging and fostering its growth, thereby increasing plaques and cavities. Rinsing your mouth with such mouthwashes neutralizes the acids in the mouth, and thus prevents tooth decay. And if you are out of your mouth rinse, simply brushing your teeth with one teaspoon of baking soda has the same desired effect of neutralizing those harmful acids in your mouth. Another way of preventing acid attacks is to consult a dentist who can offer professional advice about the best way to protect your teeth.

That being said, each individual has a different type of teeth and oral environment and hence, face different dental problems. Our family dentistry offers a wide range of comprehensive dental diagnosis and treatment to patients of all ages. To set up an appointment at any time of the day, visit us at https://dentistinskokie.com/ or simply call at (847) 675-7040 so that nothing can stop you from diving teeth-first into those delicious chocolate chip delights on this special day!

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